Brown Coats

RIM NEWS... A loss of life, but not hope

Hello I am Lois Lane with Rim news,

i bring you this report in a time when honesty and integrity are needed more than ever, After 23 grueling days of hard fought battle Greenleaf has been destroyed. I don’t mean to say that the planet has been taken by the Alliance, I am saying that at 13:05 Commander Seth Siddius launched a new form of weapon that landed on GreenLeaf surface, within 12 hours Reavers arrived in the thousands and descended upon the planet destroying any who stood in their way… our men and women fought valiantly trying to protect the citizens of Greenleaf as Brown Wing Command attempted to evacuate them. Our troops fought bravely against the Reavers onslaught, but took devastating losses… for those who are interested the Brown Wing Command has released the below list of the troops pronounced dead and MIA, there are 3.6 million names on that list, we are trying to put together a coherent list for civilians for you and will get that our as soon as possible.

Reavers tv demotivational poster 1196896723

With the Planet in disarray and our Fleet working hard to evacuate/fight off the Reavers Commander Seth Siddius moved into the asteroid field with his fleet, and destroyed the Arcadius Space Station, as of right now we don’t know how many Brown Wing officers survived and are unsure if Captain Dylan Hunt is alive or dead, we do know for a fact that the Alliance has a firm hold over the Greenleaf sector as all Independence troops have been ordered back to the Whittier sector to try and reform there.

on this sad day I am Lois Lane with Rim News



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