Brown Coats

Rim News, a war within a war

Hello, I am Lois Lane with RIM NEWS

I stand here today as Whitefall, a small RIM World planet sends literally more then a million men to the war effort. These men, most without body armor or anything more then a five shot rifle seem in high spirits quoting their charismatic leader High Chancellor Erik Voltaire “we must do our part, we must not allow these atrocities happen to anyone ever again”

the bulk of these men are being shipped via Brown Coat cargo ships to Whittier, where they will be building up defenses and bunkering down as that is by everyone’s guess where the fight will head next. but what i found interesting was that 12ooo men, much better armed then their compatriots call themselves the Dominion Knights and are on their way to Silverhold to “liberate” the people there.

as most of you know, Silverhold is under Alliance rule currently, but being behind the blockade and lacking any significant source of space travel they have been largely ignored in the war so far.

My Question for EriK is this, With so much fighting at the front line, why waste resources on such an unimportant target?

Erik was not able to get back to us before press time today, but we here at RIM news will extend warm wishes of safety to the brave men and women of Whitefall on whichever missions they find themselves on… “kill some purple bellies boys, then get on home safe”

I’m Lois Lane for Rim News here on Whitefall



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