Brown Coats

Rim News... Month 012... Diggin In

Hello, I am Lois Lane with RIM NEWS

I stand here today on the deck of the Capital Mercedes as literally millions of men and women prepare to be transported to Green Leaf. The Planet is near the asteroid field that protects Brown Wing Command and we have been given the impression that loosing this planet is not an option… here are a list of those heading down

Alpha, Baker, Charlie, Delta, Easy, Fox and Gamma Companies

the 1st, 3rd, 18th and 23rd riffle platoons from Triumph

the 23rd, 29th and 41st artillery from Higgins

and Apple and Foxtrot special forces companies from Whittier

This is a significant amount of fire power heading down planet side but these brave souls will not only have to deal with the new Droidikas who will be taking up the front line, but we are being told that Commander Seth Siddius himself will be taking command of these operations on the alliance side, so we can expect him to throw everything in his arsenal at us, including the dreaded HALO BOMBS. some might be nervous to head planet side knowing the Palpatine is in orbit, but chin up fellas, we got our own Hammer Squad as well as the Anvil and the Mighty Ducks covering us from on high, these hot shot angles have promised that no bombs will make it bast high orbit, so keep your eyes to the ground and kill us some purple bellied robots

I’m Lois Lane for Rim News



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