Brown Coats

RIM NEWS... Month 012... What does the Word Jedi mean

Justice Extraction Defense Intelligence

I’m Lois Lane and I am standing here with Master Mace Windu and his patawan Laralee Pan. So you just listed off four words for us, what is that?

“well Miss Lane, those four words are abbreviated into the term JEDI, which is the core purpose for the Brown Coats most elite units, these persons are taught to rely completely on themselves and accomplish goals that not even the famed easy company could pull off. I have seen some of our best masters turn back entire platoons of enemies on their own”

If we have such power at our disposal Master Windu why don’t we train a few more and just win the war?

“good question, but it takes years to identify a person with the sort of talents to become a JEDI, then on top of that several more years of close apprenticeship, my Patawan here, a remarkable student by all accounts still has a few years ahead of her before she can earn teh title of master”

So what brings you here to Greenleaf Master Windu?

“My Patawan and I, as well as 15 other JEDI will be here to help cover holes in the line and aid in repelling any of the troops who make it to the surface, we are here to save lives and fight beside the real hero’s of the war, the infantry, no if you will Excuse us Miss Lane, we have many preparations to attend to”

You heard here on Rim News, from teh Ground I am…

“Excuse me miss Lane?”

yes… Laralee right?

“Yes, I was just wondering if I could borrow your coat?”

ahh… sure I guess


ahhh… ok… well I am Lois Lane with Rim News pitching in my coat towards the cause of Justice



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