Sons of Plunder

An organization of outcasts Created By Lucian C. Calgori. Though it is made up of Space Pirates Smugglers, and other outlaws and practices piracy throughout the verse the group holds to a certain code of conduct that sets them apart from the average criminal organization. First is dedicated to the freedom of the common person and the right all beings have to such freedom. Second they are formed with a robin hood like mentality stealing from the rich and selling to the poor at more reasonable prices. Natural enemies of any overbearing or oppressive government they keep on the move with their mobile base of operations the Puff the Magic Dragon . If one has been cast out from society or has been wrongfully or willingly exiled because of dispute with the government they can often find refuge with the Sons of plunder. The Strong bond of comradeship and “Us Against the world” mentality make the organization members Strongly loyal a quality rarely found in individuals found outside the law.
Though most larger corporations and core world organizations have come to hate the sons of plunder, Their reputation for helping the downtrodden has earned them the support of many of the common folk and with the organization and funding of Lucian they are able to find safe ports and buyers all over the verse in the most unlikely places.

during the beta centari event the Sons of Plunder suffered catastrophic loses including that of their leader Lucian C. Calgori and their flag ship the Isabella… an investigation after the fact showed the the Whitefall Hyperdrive upgrades that these ships had been outfitted with malfunctioned causing overheating and detonation in Hyperspace. With their numbers and crew severly hampered and without their charismatic leader the Sons of Plunder never returned to the power that it once was but more over returned to the concept their founder had built them on, a group of people who just wanted to be free and outside the law.

today the Sons are run by Garrick Lysander loosely, but many of the captains often weigh in and help him organizationally

currently their fleet is comprised of

Legatos Class
Puff the Magic Dragon exploded

Capital class
Isabella exploded

Transport Class
Tom Hanks exploded
Typhoon Lotus
Star Rider exploded
Connifer exploded
The Unwise Stephanie
3 Sheets
Nightingale exploded
Red Velvet
Phoenix exploded
Jack O’ Lantern

Sons of Plunder

Brown Coats Argyle